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About TweetReach

How far did your tweets travel?

You share something on Twitter. People spread the word. TweetReach tells you who’s talking about it, how many people saw it, and who those people are.

TweetReach makes it easy to measure your Twitter campaigns so you can demonstrate real results. Use TweetReach’s Twitter analytics to monitor tweets about your hashtag, brand name, Twitter account or URL; get in-depth social metrics on reach, exposure, tweets and contributors. If you monitor a brand, track media events, run marketing campaigns, or hold contests and games on Twitter for your company or your clients, TweetReach is a simple way to measure the impact of your efforts.

The beginning

It all began in the spring of 2009 in Austin, Texas over, like many important things in Austin, breakfast tacos. Our founders, Hayes Davis and Jenn Deering Davis, wanted to know how many people were reached by tweets about a topic on Twitter. As they talked to more people, it turned out that others wanted to track Twitter reach, too. So that April, we launched a simple site where anyone could get a snapshot report of recent Twitter activity and TweetReach was born.

TweetReach is now used by thousands of people all over the world every day to analyze the impact of their conversations on Twitter. TweetReach Pro, our comprehensive Twitter analytics subscription package, makes it easy to track tweets about any event, campaign, product, company or topic in real-time. Our customers use TweetReach Pro to track millions of tweets each week about everything from elections and uprisings to product launches and recalls to conferences, celebrities, TV programs and commercials.

Our company, Union Metrics, builds products that enable marketers and agencies to measure and improve their social media campaigns. In addition to TweetReach we also offer Union Metrics for Tumblr, the first full-fidelity Tumblr analytics and Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider.

TweetReach in action

We love our users. They’re continually finding new ways to use TweetReach Twitter analytics to measure and improve their results on Twitter. Here are just a few examples of the great things people are saying about TweetReach and some of the awesome ways it’s being used.

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