Junior Operations Engineer

We need a Junior Operations Engineer who is comfortable at a console and eager to keep a fast-growing environment versatile, secure and resilient to free-agent Chaos Monkeys.

You’ll be working alongside our engineers and developers to support the growing challenges of our large cloud-based infrastructure, including data footprint management, provisioning and deployment automation, and maximizing uptime in both the public-facing website and backend processing.

Some technologies in our stack include:

  • Rackspace Cloud – Servers, Load Balancers
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Chef
  • Nagios
  • Nginx, Haproxy, Apache HTTP
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Memcache, Redis, Cassandra
  • Solr, ElasticSearch
  • RVM
  • Jenkins
  • GlusterFS


  • Help manage monitoring, backups, networking, security
  • Improve our deployment and resource provisioning workflow
  • Document important components and processes to facilitate shared knowledge
  • Participate in a rotating on-call schedule for incident response


  • A good understanding of the UNIX operating system
  • Some experience in Ruby, Python or shell scripting of the non-Perl persuasion
  • Willingness to learn and to support new technologies
  • The ability to effectively communicate and work with a physically distributed team

Extra Credit

  • BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent degree/work experience
  • Familiarity with the architecture of a typical LAMP or RoR stack
  • Experience with various technologies listed above
  • Have contributed to an open-source project before
  • Comfortable with git, svn or other version control

Is this you?

If you think this job is right for you, email `root@unionmetrics.com` with a one-line command to compress daily-rotated `YYYYMMDD.log` files in a directory `/var/log/stuff/` that are older than a week. Include your resume and your GitHub username if you have one.