Quick analysis of recent Twitter activity

Get fast insight into recent Twitter activity with TweetReach snapshot reports


Perfect for a quick analysis of recent Twitter activity around a term, hashtag, Tweet or account, TweetReach snapshot reports enable you to gain intelligence into metrics such as reach, exposure, top Tweets and contributors. Free snapshots include up to 50 tweets and full snapshots include up to 1,500 tweets, both from the past couple days (up to one week back in many cases).

What’s in a snapshot report?

We offer two types of snapshot reports based on the number of Tweets you measure. Both include our detailed engagement and reach metrics.

Free Snapshots

Quickly see detailed Twitter engagement and reach metrics on recent Tweets with our snapshot reports. Analyze the most recent 50 Tweets about any term in just a seconds for free! No cost. No commitment. Try it now for free – type in any keyword, hashtag or username.

Full Snapshots

Did your term generate more than 50 Tweets? No problem. You can get detailed metrics with our full snapshot report for up to 1,500 Tweets from the past 1-7 days for only $20. Full snapshots are perfect for short-term events, lower volume topics, and baseline measurement.