Monitor in real time

Monitor in real time

TweetReach Pro provides your business with access to the TweetReach Tracker, which makes it possible to comprehensively track key reach, exposure and engagement metrics for any topic on Twitter as the conversation unfolds.

  • Monitor your brand, industry and the competition
  • See how Twitter users are interacting with your Twitter account
  • Track events, conferences and Twitter campaigns
  • Watch trends develop over hours, days and weeks
  • Tweets are streamed directly from Twitter to our servers within seconds of being sent
  • 24x7 monitoring of tweets
Analyze in depth

Analyze in depth

The TweetReach Tracker reporting system stores all the real-time information streaming in from Twitter for further in-depth analysis so you can spot trends and better engage with your followers, customers and fans.

  • Drill into time periods to see trends in historical data
  • Discover your advocates and your trolls to craft appropriate responses
  • Measure engagement all the way down to the tweet level with retweet and reply statistics
  • Find out if your campaigns are going viral or dying out
  • Export data for any time period to PDF for use with clients and stakeholders
Take snapshots

Take snapshots

TweetReach Pro includes individual snapshot reports that you can run anytime to get a picture of the recent Twitter activity for a term. Whether it's a product launch or merger announcement, snapshot reports help you understand how your news spread. Use snapshot reports for anything that doesn't require long-term tracking.

  • All reports are saved to your report archive
  • Export to CSV for further analysis in spreadsheet software like Excel
  • Download PDFs of your reports
  • Share reports with colleagues and customers using a private url
  • Reports include up to 1500 tweets from the past 7 days
Manage with ease

Manage with ease

TweetReach Pro is designed for organizations that need to monitor activity on Twitter. This includes PR and marketing agencies working on behalf of clients, government agencies and in-house teams in organizations of all sizes.

  • Get personal phone and email support in addition to our online help desk
  • Simple no-strings-attached monthly subscriptions with anytime upgrades and downgrades
  • Every account receives a dedicated company portal at http://yourcompany.tweetreach.com
  • Multiple user accounts can access your portal
TweetReach Pro is a simple monthly subscription. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.  See Plans and Pricing