Need even more? Our Ultimate Plan includes 50 trackers, unlimited snapshot reports, unlimited users, API access, a dedicated account manager and more. All for $2,500 per month.

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No long-term lock-in or hidden fees. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Hundreds of agencies, event producers and social marketers measure their impact with TweetReach.

"TweetReach is an essential part of any digital influence program."

-Brian Solis, author of PR 2.0 and Engage

What can I do with TweetReach Pro?

With TweetReach Pro, you can measure tweets in real time with a Tracker and generate snapshots of recent tweets with individual reports. All Pro plans come with elevated support and one or more user logins.
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Which plan should I choose?

Choosing the right plan means balancing Trackers, reports and users.

  • Since each Tracker can track one topic with up to 15 keywords/queries continuously, you'll need a Tracker for each distinct topic you want to track at once.
  • Check our soft tweet volume limits for guidelines on how many tweets you can track.
  • Ensure that you have enough snapshot reports to cover any topics that you don't have a Tracker for. Keep in mind that unused reports roll over month-to-month.
  • Select a number of users based on how many people in your organization will need access to TweetReach.

What data can I access?

Trackers collect tweets directly from Twitter stream as they are posted. Trackers cannot access historical tweets from before they were activated. Once set up, they can track new tweets for unlimited time.

Snapshot reports use the Twitter Search API and will include analysis of up to 1,500 tweets from the past 5-7 days.

Most TweetReach Pro plans do not include access to tweets more than one week old. But we can access historical tweets dating back to 2006 through our premium historical analytics and on our Max and Ultimate plans. Email us for more info.

What web browsers work with TweetReach?

Internet Explorer 8+ and modern versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

What is your cancellation policy?

TweetReach Pro is a monthly service. You may cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings page if you are not satisfied with the service, and you will not be billed again. We do not offer partial month refunds.

Where's your legal information?

Take a look at our Terms of Service (which includes our refund policy) and Privacy Policy.

Can I change plans after I subscribe?

You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You will be billed (or credited) a prorated amount depending on your subscription. Please see our Terms of Service for details on how upgrades and downgrades are handled.

Are there other payment options?

Though TweetReach Pro is normally a month-to-month service which bills a credit card, we understand that some organizations may not be able to pay in this way due to internal policies or other constraints. If you would like to prepay for multiple months, pay via invoice or have have other payment needs, please contact us and we'll try to accomodate you. Please note that special payment arrangements can only be made for Plus, Premium or Max subscriptions.

What if I have other questions?

Visit our help desk for more info and FAQs. Also, feel free to contact us with additional questions.