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Whether you’re marketing a brand, launching a product, promoting a TV show or movie, or running PR campaigns, your fans, influencers and customers are actively talking about you on Twitter. And they’re basing their future decisions about you on the conversations they have there. To optimize your impact on Twitter, you need powerful Twitter analytics to fully understand those conversations.

Every day, thousands of marketers and agencies around the world use TweetReach Twitter analytics to measure the reach of their brands, campaigns and events on Twitter. It’s a dead simple way to learn how far your message has traveled, what Tweets get the most traction and who’s influencing conversation around your brand. Whether you need to track all of the ongoing Twitter activity about your brand in real time or measure a past event, it’s quick and easy to get started with TweetReach. Need help deciding which product is right for you?

Need comprehensive Twitter analysis in real time?


TweetReach Pro

To maximize your impact on Twitter, monitor Tweets about your brand in real time as the conversation unfolds through TweetReach Pro. Get comprehensive analytics on the reach of your message, the performance of your content and the engagement of your contributors with our most powerful tool for social media professionals. Built on the full-fidelity Twitter stream, a subscription to TweetReach Pro continuously collects, archives and reports on all Tweets about your topic.

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Want to analyze something that’s already happened?

Premium Historical Analytics


Want to measure the performance of a previous campaign on Twitter or research a past event? Analyze anything and everything ever posted to Twitter, all the way back to March 2006. With an in-depth set of comprehensive analytics, our premium historical analytics will help you understand your impact.

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Snapshot Reports


Perfect for a quick analysis of recent Twitter activity around a keyword, hashtag, Tweet or account. Snapshots include metrics such as reach, exposure, top Tweets and contributors, plus a Tweet transcript. Free snapshots include up to 50 tweets and full snapshots include up to 1500 tweets, both from the past week.

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Need help choosing a TweetReach product?

Still can’t decide? Take a look at this chart or contact our sales team.

TweetReach Pro Historical Analytics Snapshot Reports
Tweets posted Now or in the future In the past 7 years In the past week
Tweet volume Unlimited Unlimited Up to 1500
Access Ongoing subscription One-time purchase One-time purchase
Cost Starts at $84/month Starts at $199 $20
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