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Detailed historical Twitter analytics

Perform in-depth, full coverage analysis of Tweets from any time in the past with TweetReach premium historical analytics

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Want to measure the performance of a previous campaign on Twitter or research a past event? Analyze anything and everything ever posted to Twitter, all the way back to the very first public Tweet posted in March 2006. For in-depth analysis of older Tweets, our premium historical Twitter analytics include comprehensive metrics including summary reach, exposure and volume stats, detailed information about tweets and contributors, hashtags, URLs and more. Purchase a one-off historical analysis now, with prices starting at $49 for one day analyzed, $99 for a week, and $399 for a month. Start by requesting a quote.

historical_blurbs_timeAnalyze a few hours to a few years of full-fidelity Twitter data including any Tweet ever posted
historical_blurbs_todayMeasure today’s performance against past trends or drill into an event you didn’t track in real time
historical_blurbs_queriesCombine multiple powerful queries to get analytics on the precise Tweets you need
historical_blurbs_metricsAccess all of the premium, in-depth metrics included in a TweetReach Pro Tracker

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