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planetbieberx: am i the only person who doesnt eat nutella?
LCbaaaby: @LiquidSamuraiC I love PB&J, I love Nutella too. I'll have both any time of the day, I just want PB&J right now! Lol.
EmWatson: @RobAguire I mean it's just always a bad call not to choose Nutella. Not sure how to console you really ..!

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  Tweets RTs Impressions
1 PHAT_NUTELLA 12 0 18,360
2 FoodTruckDir 1 0 2,816
3 TavernaFtWorth 1 0 1,954
4 nutella_the_hun 2 0 1,796
5 coketach 1 0 1,156
6 Nina9millimeter 1 0 786
7 thewannabefoodi 1 0 652
8 Freshboijmanny 1 0 645
9 _JustBAMBAM 1 0 448
10 monicabongg 1 0 420
11 Comwave 1 0 389
12 nrlfrhnsmn 1 0 368
13 Proud_Watson 1 0 345
14 PinkSugarPeeps 1 0 269
15 KatEllenFidler 1 0 240
16 marko_alpner 1 0 221
17 annecookie_1D 1 0 202
18 Fonny_Juchs 1 0 200
19 traceface96 1 0 180
20 Laura_haddadin1 1 0 163
21 LiquidSamuraiC 1 0 148
22 Wetzel_Pretzels 1 0 126
23 SyazwaniLokman 1 0 96
24 zhiexinnchin 1 0 94
25 Mandy_Phan 1 0 87
26 nataliaDrose 1 0 82
27 morganbrode 1 0 64
28 IsabellaJane_N 1 0 45
29 ashleighRltD 1 0 29
30 TW_Nutella 5 0 5
31 tarab_mohamad 1 0 1
32 Ravenerosq654 1 0 1
33 Arianator4Evz 1 0 1
34 chloeeeeeeeeee 1 0 1

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Jul 30, 2013 at 3:31pm UTC

IsabellaJane_N: The reason why Dad shouldn't go shopping with Joe and Grace. #Diabetic #SugarRush #Nutella #Waffles #TubbyTuesday http://t.co/bjlN5Kitiy
PHAT_NUTELLA: Head of fish RT @Questionnier: The Last food you ate? #QnA
thewannabefoodi: WANT! RT @devonstiles: OMG NUTELLA BROWNIES.
tarab_mohamad: @potteron14 @enan14566 okay danny,Rupert @EmWatson we'll invite you to a Nutella crepe for appitizers
PHAT_NUTELLA: Kissing RT @Questionnier: Cuddling or Massage ? #QnA
Freshboijmanny: Hip Hop"@PHAT_NUTELLA: Hip hop RT @Questionnier: RnB or Hiphop? | pass me"
Comwave: It’s almost time for Toronto’s CNE, which crazy food do you want to try? ow.ly/nsu74 #CNE2013 @LetsGoToTheEX @Nutella_Italia
traceface96: Oh my god I forgot to check the expiration date on that Nutella #2011 #barf #ewewew
TW_Nutella: @LawsonOfficial Follow me please!! I know you see this <3 #Lawson100 x27
PHAT_NUTELLA: Eating RT @Questionnier: Apart from tweeting, what are you doing rite now? #QnA
PHAT_NUTELLA: Yes RT @Questionnier: RT if you're Awake and healthy? Thank God. #QnA
Fonny_Juchs: Our Nutella has the consistency of Flubber.
Proud_Watson: RT @EmWatson: @RobAguire I mean it's just always a bad call not to choose Nutella. Not sure how to console you really ..!
Ravenerosq654: @PHAT_NUTELLA We need people to be in the next Drake video follow the directions in the image here> http://t.co/FUJTlvGdav
nutella_the_hun: Adorable as in oh man I would fuck the shit out of him

Jul 30, 2013 at 3:31pm UTC

Wetzel_Pretzels: Strawberries and Nutella 😍😍
PHAT_NUTELLA: Fast RT @Questionnier: Slow or Fast Music ? | pass me
Mandy_Phan: Nutella for breakfast?... I think YES
nrlfrhnsmn: Nutella roll in the fridge. Kuih tart and potato chips on the kitxhen table. HAHAHA.
PHAT_NUTELLA: Hip hop RT @Questionnier: RnB or Hiphop? | pass me
Arianator4Evz: @AriGWorldArmy hahah eat some brownies XD WITH NUTELLA OMG
nutella_the_hun: That one guitarist in Battlecross was the cutest guy of my life like I was taken aback by his adorable face
SyazwaniLokman: Nutella & FEM.... A good combination...
PHAT_NUTELLA: Horror movie RT @Questionnier: The type of Movies you Like? | pass me
KatEllenFidler: People of east London, don't be alarmed - that sound was just me falling off the Nutella waggon. Again.
PHAT_NUTELLA: Certainly RT @Questionnier: Ladies, if HOES earn at least $50,000 per day, would u love to be one #BeSincere? Pass me
nataliaDrose: Nutella I like that shit
FoodTruckDir: This Video Will Forever Change the Way You Think of Nutella bit.ly/13vFG80 #VideoFeed /via @grubstreetny
chloeeeeeeeeee: @JessIsAmaze yes Nutella is my life and I am not ashamed
annecookie_1D: RT @Michael5SOS: could really use a Nutella & go right now
PHAT_NUTELLA: Yes RT @Questionnier: Do you need money to be in Love? | Pass me
Nina9millimeter: Nutella crepes with strawberries and bananas. Ok. Bye.

Jul 30, 2013 at 3:30pm UTC

_JustBAMBAM: Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of me just finishing up this jar of Nutella.
PinkSugarPeeps: I love nutella and Ferraro Rocher chocolate. Jesus lord. My mouth is getting watery.
PHAT_NUTELLA: Off RT @Questionnier: Do you sleep with the Lights On or Off ? | Pass me
morganbrode: RT @planetbieberx: am i the only person who doesnt eat nutella?
ashleighRltD: lol my flatmate hides nutella from me in his room #iwillalwaysfindit.
LiquidSamuraiC: RT @LCbaaaby: @LiquidSamuraiC I love PB&J, I love Nutella too. I'll have both any time of the day, I just want PB&J right now! Lol.
PHAT_NUTELLA: Drake RT @Questionnier: Kendrick Lamar or Drake? | Pass me
Laura_haddadin1: Nutella cheese cake exists .
PHAT_NUTELLA: Huh too much to list RT @Questionnier: What turns you off ? | Pass me
TavernaFtWorth: Happy National Cheesecake Day! Celebrate with our Nutella Marble Cheesecake with sour cherry sauce...a great Tuesday treat! #TavernaFtWorth

Jul 30, 2013 at 3:29pm UTC