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Halloween since:2013-09-01

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TheRoot247: Time to End Racist Halloween Costumes wapo.st/16V058g via @abelleinbk
MS_Living: Enter the #MarthaStewartPets Halloween Contest for the chance to win a basket of prizes from @PetSmart: oak.ctx.ly/r/dlpy
AnnnnnaMarieee: Halloween town is by far my favorite Halloween movie

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  Tweets RTs Impressions
1 UPROXX 1 0 31,516
2 lovesrobpattz 1 0 3,459
3 pitstopsforkids 1 0 3,342
4 TheRealDamany 1 0 2,343
5 peach_baker 1 0 1,926
6 vap0r30n 1 0 1,332
7 _Queeennn 1 0 1,257
8 ButtOven 1 0 1,189
9 kaadiddy 1 0 1,094
10 LagunaBeachBuzz 1 0 947
11 The_EmpireEnt 1 0 945
12 IsabelleeCx 1 0 640
13 _KatAtkins 1 0 546
14 alphastamps 1 0 543
15 KatyFinch 1 0 480
16 AuxiiValle 1 0 456
17 MarionPatch 1 0 440
18 ellie_carlson 1 0 426
19 KaleighhMariee_ 1 0 411
20 SandiRamirez2 1 0 389
21 neeha323 1 0 368
22 Manehsuchi 1 0 340
23 breeransford 1 0 338
24 samarm0ussa 1 0 320
25 MymyCrayLife 1 0 313
26 Bree_Renee_ 1 0 296
27 MiguelGraciani 1 0 268
28 theradsteph 1 0 261
29 Mario_Nastasi 1 0 233
30 Chic_sexy_ 1 0 209
31 Ch4zzabee 1 0 185
32 _marialeja_ 1 0 178
33 MillenniumWest 1 0 169
34 PeterCetinich 1 0 152
35 HaleyInfinity 1 0 133
36 Ash_Vee21 1 0 100
37 bryannalyn13 1 0 99
38 emilyakapizza 1 0 90
39 TianguisOnLine 1 0 89
40 BryceCsluz 1 0 67
41 thepaulbrom 1 0 61
42 MonttseeGM 1 0 44
43 detectivepronce 1 0 40
44 weea_boo 1 0 18
45 emilyaowenby 1 0 8
46 MatthewIvory 1 0 1
47 Stephh_lund 1 0 1
48 FrojosUK 1 0 1
49 kfawalker 1 0 1
50 JessicaDPerry 1 0 1

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Oct 1, 2013 at 7:30pm UTC

ellie_carlson: RT @AnnnnnaMarieee: Halloween town is by far my favorite Halloween movie
_marialeja_: I just want Halloween movies to start already
KaleighhMariee_: RT @Tayler_xox3: I just can't wait to watch Halloween town and twitches and hocus pocus and Casper and goosebumps AND ALL OF THEM 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
LagunaBeachBuzz: How to Prep for an Awesome Halloween: Here are some simple ideas to help you get ready for the holiday. dlvr.it/43xyH4
kaadiddy: We can wear costumes to work for Halloween but I work graveyard .. Im'a look like a weirdo wearing a costume the morning of Halloween .
Manehsuchi: RT @plainmle: I really hope someone throws a good Halloween party this year
MarionPatch: How to Prep for an Awesome Halloween dlvr.it/43xyGj #marion #cedarrapids
MillenniumWest: Keep track of what your kids are eating this Halloween season. fb.me/GzqlfKNC
UPROXX: 25 Funny And Unique Halloween Costumes Based On TV Characters bit.ly/18LCEAX
pitstopsforkids: RT @trekaroo: Trekaroo - Studio 365 Disneyland Halloween: youtu.be/2f28tHgM7eo?a via @YouTube
_Queeennn: Disney channel is going to put them Halloween movies on πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
HaleyInfinity: October is my favorite month ; haunted houses, sweater, and most importantly , HALLOWEEN <3
PeterCetinich: RT @BingeMedia: Follow along with our 31 Days of Halloween. First up -#ShaunoftheDead bingemedia.net/?p=2034
alphastamps: Best in Show from the Mini Hutch - Halloween Swap goes to Theresa Goldman! Congratulations!! ow.ly/pnPur ow.ly/i/3izlN
MatthewIvory: @StylerJake halloween ??? .. my birthday ??? rules of the cage
Stephh_lund: @kaylyn_martino Halloween weekend come with meeee!!!!???!!
lovesrobpattz: faltou a foto deles de mΓ£os dadas naquela festa de halloween que eles foram twitter.com/perrykstew/sta…
detectivepronce: home. should i halloween myself up
IsabelleeCx: RT @AntonyBrown_93: If you don't watch at least one #horror movie on #Halloween, I have no idea what you're doing with your life.
Bree_Renee_: Should I dress up for Halloween..? I'm at that age where I don't know πŸ˜‚
samarm0ussa: Flynn is hosting a Halloween party for MRU?! LOL MY SCHOOL IS FUNNY
BryceCsluz: Two days to party the halloween weekend, which permits two costumes. This simultaneously makes deciding costumes easier and more difficult
ButtOven: I have my Halloween icon from last year still.
theradsteph: RT @91X: Details about the 91X Halloween Boo's Cruise have been announced. Tix only $9.91 for a limited time! 91x.com/booscruise
kfawalker: @Pixiwoos @nixiepixi can you please do a 20s make up look for a halloween party? x
FrojosUK: @RicciGGShore @ScottGShore got your #halloween costumes yet? Check out frojos.co.uk where discount code TWITTER gets you 20% off!
Ch4zzabee: going to dress up as a maths book for halloween
weea_boo: It's the 1st Halloween day!
peach_baker: halloween please hurry up so i can be happy
Mario_Nastasi: β€œ@meatbono13: What should I be for Halloween #ReplyTweet” Messi and Bill can be Ronaldo
AuxiiValle: Ps cm puedaa voi a HALLOWEEN:) esoo ta aseguraoo vamos:))
JessicaDPerry: @s_sheaaa what are you gonna be? A slut? Syd don't be yourself for Halloween.
_KatAtkins: Fall is here and Halloween is arriving soon!πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚
TheRealDamany: RT @TheRoot247: Time to End Racist Halloween Costumes wapo.st/16V058g via @abelleinbk
TianguisOnLine: Chalkboard Halloween Countdown {halloween printables} nblo.gs/PDQDu
vap0r30n: I want a Regular Show halloween costume so badly omg but they're from America and are expensive
emilyaowenby: Finally October is here! #football #farmtime #fallbreak #halloween πŸ‘πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸˆπŸπŸ‚
emilyakapizza: do not trust people who get excited about halloween they may in fact be skeletons
neeha323: RT @MS_Living: Enter the #MarthaStewartPets Halloween Contest for the chance to win a basket of prizes from @PetSmart: http://t.co/ZbqQnGDH…
breeransford: RT @JustinPulos: October is a good month and Halloween is sick, but we all know December and Christmas is the best time of the year πŸŽ…πŸŽ„
bryannalyn13: RT @tbhprobablynot: for halloween can i be your girlfriend
MonttseeGM: RT @SoloManicure: UΓ±as de Jack perfectas para este Halloween. http://t.co/vGW5fGAOT4
SandiRamirez2: Halloween Halloween We All Love Halloween! fb.me/SoBca6Bk
KatyFinch: I'm excited for this TESL Halloween partayyyyy :)
Chic_sexy_: If it is not Halloween and you look like snooki on a daily basis....what is wrong with you. God bless you.
MymyCrayLife: cant wait for the halloween movies to start
Ash_Vee21: RT @devora_denise: My birthday, Halloween, and The Walking Dead this month!

Oct 1, 2013 at 7:30pm UTC