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Sandwiches -ham

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YourFoodPorn: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches http://t.co/TerAIfB6le
JTaiter_4: But why can't sandwiches just make themselves
MorganSayler: Oh man I love sandwiches omg

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  Tweets RTs Impressions
1 aveuaskew 1 0 7,411
2 cutelikeme 1 0 1,815
3 SolArangoo 1 0 1,807
4 Bree_Washington 1 0 1,719
5 Creativefamfun 1 0 1,686
6 sweetlo__ 1 1 1,453
7 wildcat335 1 0 1,160
8 _babyslickk 1 0 1,044
9 _SuckOnMyTweet_ 1 0 1,043
10 TressaNicolee_ 1 0 1,025
11 chelsealan_ 1 0 842
12 HowardAllegra 1 0 814
13 Sadziiida 1 0 712
14 cessajae 1 0 699
15 _butimnotCRAZY 1 0 693
16 Oct262013 1 0 672
17 divaldy 1 0 625
18 tashadashawn 1 0 577
19 alybrumback 1 0 563
20 DavidRivr 1 0 546
21 Relvyn 1 0 523
22 beckieturton 1 0 482
23 Megg_Burg 1 0 452
24 tajinseasonings 1 0 451
25 LaurenGraham07 1 0 416
26 DDDCHAIRMAN 1 0 385
27 Taylor_ATX 1 0 363
28 BangingBooks 1 0 355
29 HeHard_onHoes 1 0 354
30 ludquiroz 1 0 338
31 seamaiden4 1 0 337
32 MI_Wrestler 1 0 331
33 kingofcuteness 1 0 319
34 LooveJay 1 0 313
35 JanelleRivera16 1 0 293
36 Ebannn 1 0 278
37 Blackk_Jesuss 1 0 248
38 aurora_chamot 1 0 236
39 taylorkatalinic 1 0 232
40 ElliKerg 1 0 224
41 delaineyhipwell 1 0 169
42 TrilaVanila 1 0 152
43 MeeganBaaker 1 0 118
44 ShondaSingleton 1 0 93
45 yxsxnia 1 0 81
46 bebulabalomat 1 0 34
47 Kynaria3 1 0 7
48 MagicD250 1 0 1
49 parker_labrie 1 0 1
50 iconickarla 1 0 1

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Nov 14, 2013 at 12:09am UTC

bebulabalomat: Back in Bham, eating lunch at an Atlanta institution: Kool Korner Cuban Sandwiches. Nom!
chelsealan_: “@sweetlo__: I still cut my sandwiches in squares or triangles..☺️”
LooveJay: RT @YourFoodPorn: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches http://t.co/TerAIfB6le
_butimnotCRAZY: 2 peanut butter jelly sandwiches n a glass of milk.
delaineyhipwell: RT @JTaiter_4: But why can't sandwiches just make themselves
Oct262013: I only ate some cereal and two sandwiches all day.
Blackk_Jesuss: RT @YourFoodPorn: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches http://t.co/TerAIfB6le
aveuaskew: RT @PaperWash: When my wife was pregnant, I made all the sandwiches in the relationship *Single tear drop rolls down cheek *Falls onto BLT
alybrumback: It is if "Hunger" also means "Terrible Life Decisions" RT @tribmike This isn't the sequel to "Hunger Games"? RT bit.ly/1fCwE1x
_babyslickk: RT @sweetlo__: I still cut my sandwiches in squares or triangles..☺️
MeeganBaaker: But if they don't save me like six sandwiches I'm running away I will be so pissed
sweetlo__: I still cut my sandwiches in squares or triangles..☺️

Nov 14, 2013 at 12:09am UTC

wildcat335: The number of sandwiches u get from me is the same as the number of orgasms I get from u.
kingofcuteness: Peanut Butter sandwiches for breakfast. And an entire jug of water. Preparing for a big day. A day of CHLOE GRACE MORETZ
iconickarla: @officialR5 peanut butter or Nutella sandwiches? P.s you guys rocked at the citadel tree lighting. Can't wait for Saturday! 💕😁🎶
HeHard_onHoes: “@tashadashawn: Grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner lol” add bacon
cessajae: my daddy made Philly Steak Sandwiches.
Kynaria3: My Dwarf finished off 4 grilled cheese sandwiches #LikeABoss
cutelikeme: Finally got groceries! We are having baked sandwiches and steamed veggies for dinner....what are you having? #thesearethedays
MI_Wrestler: What do you know about chocolate milk and peanut butter sandwiches? http://t.co/4ZvHA1rmi6
aurora_chamot: Pizzas, sandwiches de miga y empanadas.. Que mas puedo pedir?
Relvyn: I love making sandwiches. Make me feel like a lil kid again.

Nov 14, 2013 at 12:08am UTC

ShondaSingleton: 2 pork chop sandwiches with hot sauce a mayo omg I'm bout to go in
Sadziiida: Lmao. Stupid boys have me in the backseat making sandwiches for them 😩😂
parker_labrie: @marfaaaa funny cause I just cooked a pizza and breakfast sandwiches
tashadashawn: Grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner lol
TressaNicolee_: RT @YourFoodPorn: Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches http://t.co/TerAIfB6le
Ebannn: “@oddestRose: Let's make grilled cheese sandwiches together.” Me and momma Watson tonight
MagicD250: @Hyper_Rarity :/ its either more simple sandwiches which I'm completely burnt out on or some decent food

Nov 14, 2013 at 12:07am UTC

BangingBooks: god man. i should make a sandwich but every living fuck in the class gonna make a sandwiches. lazy fucks. 😒
DDDCHAIRMAN: You'll be thankful what you eat until you had one of them lee county jail cold ass baloney sandwiches bol
JanelleRivera16: RT @pdcponce: ¡Ya llegó el exquisito Pavochon a El Meson Sandwiches! #ElMeson #PlazaDelCaribe http://t.co/eTgbA9SiSu
Taylor_ATX: Online @Schlotzskys doesn't do tax except orders while in store I'm told to go online to order. We need sandwiches for late Saturday night!
ElliKerg: RT @classof2017al: my friends get mad over sandwiches... This is why I love them. #foodbeforefriends
divaldy: 300 Sandwiches Blog Signs Book Deal: 4umf.com/300-sandwiches…
HowardAllegra: RT @Cpiepz: Grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in tomato soup...so simple yet so good.

Nov 14, 2013 at 12:06am UTC

taylorkatalinic: roast beef sandwiches 😍😍
yxsxnia: lol @OfficialNayeli is he? mine isn't, i don't even make my own sandwiches why would i make him one lol http://t.co/WlPzofx88o
LaurenGraham07: If you don't put honey on your turkey and cheese sandwiches you're missing out
DavidRivr: Dos sándwiches y un jugo de morir soñando. Envídienme.
tajinseasonings: RT @Taaaaan_yuh: Lunch! Sandwiches, mango and oranges with tajin, and a slice of chocolate cake! 😋 http://t.co/jtOOmX60Wi
SolArangoo: Vamos a comer sandwiches
beckieturton: RT @_bethanysmart: Why do sandwiches always have mayo in them SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE MAYO #firstworldproblems
Megg_Burg: You are two sandwiches short of a picinic .
ludquiroz: RT @diekurz: ¿Dónde está el profesionalismo, Justin? 1 vez comí 2 sandwiches de bondiola y un vaciopan completo sin huevo y salí a tocar.Co…
TrilaVanila: RT @MorganSayler: Oh man I love sandwiches omg
_SuckOnMyTweet_: Cheese steak sandwiches tonight

Nov 14, 2013 at 12:05am UTC