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gizmodoES: Samsung revela su glorioso televisor 8K: profundidad infinita gizmo.do/kT1c5O1 #CES2014 http://t.co/Utq3L10wVX
Adweek: Yahoo is rebooting its ad business adweek.it/1ddIhhg #CES2014

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  Tweets RTs Impressions
1 CNET 1 0 601,327
2 Logitech 1 2 92,388
3 SoldierKnowBest 1 0 82,561
4 MadCatz 1 0 29,730
5 PMBCgroup 1 0 20,125
6 adrianweckler 1 0 19,628
7 3DPrintTweets 1 0 16,299
8 WiFiAlliance 1 0 7,396
9 ipgmediabrands 1 0 7,256
10 JustRojas 1 0 2,993
11 photOral 1 0 2,130
12 craigweich 1 0 2,110
13 LoyceTim 1 0 1,998
14 carnivalfanatic 1 0 1,759
15 VegasPhotog 1 0 1,617
16 CEShealth 1 0 1,096
17 tanyalesieur 1 0 724
18 KyleCoopah 1 0 683
19 PrsnSingh 1 0 609
20 CYBEResq 1 0 454
21 tonyohv 1 0 352
22 AutoKarBV 1 0 318
23 10peg 1 0 269
24 jenniej23 1 0 235
25 atompsett 1 0 233
26 MintSugar 1 0 224
27 abbyseitzinger_ 1 0 218
28 frato_rt_bot 1 0 186
29 eternalef 1 0 177
30 Godsnake_94 1 0 176
31 TheContestCow 1 0 152
32 DevonFlenord 1 0 147
33 campomoreno96 1 0 138
34 Ahdtwuxvvk 1 0 138
35 marianoo221 1 0 78
36 ahistaertio 1 0 76
37 StefanV29 1 0 69
38 kf4cld 1 0 63
39 GolfBizInsider 1 0 56
40 LLBeveraggi 1 0 37
41 alfiere_re 1 0 31
42 PredawnTech 1 0 31
43 chicheng 1 0 29
44 a1984wasnt1984 1 0 24
45 Solomon_AJB 1 0 23
46 sarah_s_adams 1 0 23
47 mattlpalmer7 1 0 8
48 lacard59 1 0 1
49 frugaliscious 1 0 1
50 YusufPiskin 1 0 1

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A full list of all tweets in this report, in reverse chronological order (newest first). This list includes timestamps.

Jan 7, 2014 at 10:21pm UTC

TheContestCow: “@DTS_Inc: Follow us & RT #DTSPlayFi for a chance to win a @WrenSound V5PF Speaker today. Good luck! #CES2014 Rules: http://t.co/Qt2HPr56OS”
a1984wasnt1984: RT @FudzillaNews: @kingstontech HyperX Cloud Headset. 53mm drivers, aluminum construction, interchangeable ear cups #CES2014 http://t.co/yV…
KyleCoopah: Now I'm really in love with @GoalZeroSolar free solar phone charger! #winning #CES2014 http://t.co/nAyo7nIXFg
JustRojas: Looks like air drones are a big thing at #CES2014 @ Parrot Booth: CheckInCES instagram.com/p/i4lsphgv9k/
sarah_s_adams: RT @ogilvypr: 4 Secrets for Giving a Great Presentation (Even If Things Go Awry) by our own @CGraves at #CES2014 #OgilvyCES http://t.co/8sT…
photOral: Wearables at #CES2014: The useful, the useless, and the downright bizarre flip.it/TSzM5 #mhealth
MadCatz: RT @engadget: Mad Catz' Tournament Edition Rat is lighter, faster and brighter engt.co/1gepwbJ #CES2014
eternalef: RT @eear_mamitasu: W50!!&W60!! #CES2014 試聴機は今回ないそうです(´・ω・`) http://t.co/S2pWWqourv
Ahdtwuxvvk: ياهو تكشف عن واجهة Aviate لهواتف الاندرويد #CES2014 wp.me/p39PvR-vmL"
adrianweckler: I like wearable tech modelled in as scary a way as possible. #CES2014 instagram.com/p/i4lsEPCdwf/
Godsnake_94: RT @gizmodoES: Samsung revela su glorioso televisor 8K: profundidad infinita gizmo.do/kT1c5O1 #CES2014 http://t.co/Utq3L10wVX
frugaliscious: @PanasonicUSA @phvegas is your headphones safe to use by the little ones? #PanasonicCES #CES2014
lacard59: @johnlegend performance was fantastic! Thanks @Yahoo for making it happen! #CES2014
ahistaertio: RT @gizmodoES: Samsung revela su glorioso televisor 8K: profundidad infinita gizmo.do/kT1c5O1 #CES2014 http://t.co/Utq3L10wVX
campomoreno96: A chip off the 3D printing block: Samsung partners with 3D Systems for custom Note 3 cases (video) #ces2014 #engadgetces
kf4cld: RT @tekzilla: Two of the most unique USB storage drives at #CES2014 came from @LaCieTech: their round Sphère and roly-poly Culbuto! http://…
PrsnSingh: “@SoldierKnowBest: Ran into the biggest geek at CES. theretireddroneal #ces2014 http://t.co/uuepF0PX0e” damn he’s tall.
LLBeveraggi: Bien tentée par ce nouveau #polaroid #CES2014
craigweich: Laptops and Tablets to Get Depth-Sensing Cameras in 2014 Thanks to @Intel cwei.ch/1abfkQP via @tsimonite #CES2014
AutoKarBV: RT @audi_nederland: De nieuwe TT is heeft een #Audi virtual cockpit (12.3 inch TFT) en de nieuwste generatie MMI interface. #CES2014 http:/…
CYBEResq: RT @Adweek: Yahoo is rebooting its ad business adweek.it/1ddIhhg #CES2014
PMBCgroup: RT @hangwith: Hang w/ the "Monsters of Tech" Live From #CES2014 ow.ly/sm0vx @CNBC
MintSugar: RT @revieweddotcom: Cronycle Will Help Silence Unwanted Tweets Because Sometimes You Just Want to Escape #CES2014 rvwd.co/1lNh9Vz
YusufPiskin: @salihertugrul sonyden coksey beklemistim #Ces2014 de ama bileklikden baska birsey gelmedi,2024de amiral gemi xperia Z1ve smartwatch2 olacak
LoyceTim: Теперь Yahoo полезна для меня не только акциями и погодой в NC iOS. На #CES2014 они анонсировали приложение с дайджестом новостей!

Jan 7, 2014 at 10:21pm UTC

CEShealth: #CES2014 news from @Buzzy4shots - the Buzzy Mini. Product blocks pain at the spot before shot injection bit.ly/1fbCR87 via @pdsnyder
atompsett: announced last night at #CES2014 @Swirl’s #iBeacon tech named a @BluetoothSIG Breakthrough Awards finalist ow.ly/smuGN #Bluetooth
tanyalesieur: RT @PeterBray: Yahoo's new mag format is a smart play. Wondering how they deal with persistent content beyond a campaign #ces2014 #saatchiC
mattlpalmer7: #CES2014 isn’t just 4 geeks. Brands are looking to see how they’ll reach consumers in the future via @AdAge: bit.ly/1dojJgi
chicheng: RT @Logitech: There's always a chance to win as long as #CES2014 is going on... RT #LogitechLive for the next prize, a Harmony Smart Contro…
frato_rt_bot: RT @engadget: Project Christine offers a glimpse of Razer's insane future through modular computing engt.co/1lN9jvp #CES2014
GolfBizInsider: "Golf has tended to reject technology...we will embrace it with open arms" @ThePGAofAmerica partnering with @Samsung #CES2014 via @jonilock
tonyohv: RT @AccentureComms: Infographic: Results from @Accenture Digital Consumer Tech Survey2014. #CES2014 #DigiDownload ow.ly/sjqFY ht…
marianoo221: RT @Paul_Lenk: La nueva @GoPro hero3+ es más compacta, ofrece mayor autonomía y mejor sonido #ces2014 http://t.co/9QXvcKRZfm
WiFiAlliance: 91% of consumers want to sync smart products with their existing Wi-Fi network bit.ly/JGdg9b #connectyourlife #IoT #CES2014
Solomon_AJB: .@johnlegend AT Yahoo #CES2014 sing All of ME :)
ipgmediabrands: RT @bpnchris: Great panel this AM with Scripps on food, tech and people! @RobertIrvine #CES2014
jenniej23: I just saw a baboon pick another baboon's red butt in 4k. Really now, could anything else compete? #CES2014
CNET: The Logitech Pro: A comfy keyboard and case for your Samsung TabPro and NotePro #CES2014 cnet.co/1aFd2FQ http://t.co/4fjXT1QCXJ
10peg: RT @eHow: Is that the bike of your dreams, Dave? RT @davejoh: The @LitMotors C1 prototype at #CES2014! http://t.co/dlmV9YB3dt

Jan 7, 2014 at 10:20pm UTC