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TweetReach is made by Union Metrics in San Francisco, California. Thousands of agencies, marketers and brands around the world rely on Union Metrics for detailed Twitter analytics. We provide measurement on the reach of Twitter accounts, brands, campaigns, events and hashtags on Twitter, helping our customers understand and improve their social media strategies.

Twitter analytics and so much more

We launched our first TweetReach snapshot reports in April 2009. Now, in addition to those snapshots, we offer a variety of TweetReach products to make sure you’re getting the Twitter analytics you need on the tweets you want.

  • TweetReach Pro, our monthly Twitter analytics subscription, makes it easy to monitor tweets about anything in real time, based on data from the full-fidelity Twitter firehose.
  • Our premium historical Twitter analytics provide reporting on the full Twitter archive, going back to 2006.
  • TweetReach snapshot reports are perfect for quick insight into recently posted tweets.

In addition to TweetReach, Union Metrics also offers other social media analytics solutions. That includes engagement and listening analytics for more than just Twitter! We also provide the industry’s leading Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook analytics. Take a look and if you’re interested in learning more, let us know.

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