Track Twitter chats and generate transcripts with TweetReach

Hosting a Twitter chat or Twitter party? TweetReach is a great way to:

  • Track chat participation
  • Measure reach
  • Generate transcripts
  • Determine most retweeted and highest exposure tweets

Our one-time reports are perfect for smaller Twitter chats. For $20, you’ll receive a PDF report of all tweets that include your hashtag, along with a set of summary metrics – the chat’s overall reach, total impressions generated, tweet volume, number of contributors and more. These one-time reports are limited to the most recent 1,500 tweets in the past five days.

If you host a weekly chat or are expecting a high volume of participation, try TweetReach Pro. Our Pro accounts include the TweetReach Tracker (pictured), which will monitor all tweets about your hashtag over time, with no limits on the number of tweets or the length of time. With the Tracker, you’ll have access to myriad in-depth metrics, including reach, volume, contributor influence and so much more. You’ll be able to compare trends over time, print PDF reports, and export your data to Excel.

Give it a try – run a quick report for free to see the most recent 50 tweets about a hashtag.

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