This Week in Social Analytics #15

Hello again from This Week in Social Analytics, our ongoing summary of some of our favorite posts from the week in the world of measurement, analytics and social media. Enjoy!

You just shared a link. How long will people pay attention?
According to an analysis of 1000 links, the half life of a link on Twitter — the amount of time a link will receive half of the clicks it will ever receive after its reached its peak — is 2.8 hours. Facebook links are marginally better at 3.2 hours. To deal with this, some sites such as Search Engine Land have moved to doing “second chance tweets”, retweeting the same link a few hours after the original, and are seeing about 50% more traffic from Twitter on these tweets as from the original ones.

The Myth of the “Data-Driven” Business
Eric Peterson at Web Analytics Demystified wonders if over-analysis and automated decision making from data will cause “data-driven” organizations to be doomed to fail. Should businesses be “informed” by data rather than “driven” by it, or is all of this just a semantics argument?

Social Media Metrics: How Am I Doing?
Heidi Cohen presents a simple, but powerful outline that ties business goals to the related social media metrics and provides some tips on how to measure results.

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