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Full Snapshot Report

One-time report on up to 1,500 Tweets from the last 7 days with no ongoing data collection.

Summary metrics
Basic reach and impression metrics
Activity snapshot
List of matching Tweets and contributors
Export and sharing
Export to PDF or CSV or share URL with colleagues
$20 for one-time report
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Best Value - Business Plan

Up to 2,500 Tweets from the last 30 days PLUS ongoing tracking of 2,500 Tweets/month AND unlimited full snapshot reports

Analyze true engagement for @_tyhilton13
Measure true clicks, impressions and reach for your Tweets with more insights than you can get anywhere else
Monitor @_tyhilton13 mentions
Collect all replies, mentions and retweets in a real-time
Measure audience
Analyze followers and engaged users
Topic listening
Monitor hashtags and keywords in real time
Unlimited full snapshots
Run as many full Twitter snapshot reports as you want on any topic (normally $20 each when purchased individually)
$49 per month
No commitment. Cancel anytime.

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