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Union Metrics TweetReach snapshot reports are perfect for quick analytics on recent Twitter activity around a hashtag, keyword or account. Free snapshots include up to 100 Tweets and $20 full snapshots include up to 1,500 Tweets, both from the past few days.

  • Easy searches

    Enter any keyword, hashtag, URL or account name to generate a report on recent Twitter activity

  • Quick analytics

    In just seconds, snapshot reports analyze potential reach, impressions, conversation size and more

  • Contributors at a glance

    See who’s been talking about any topic and who’s had the biggest impact on spreading the word

  • Free for 100 Tweets

    TweetReach snapshot reports are free for the most recent 100 Tweets from the past few days

Union Metrics is dedicated to helping businesses and brands achieve more with their social marketing through better analytics. Join the more than 280,000 marketers who have run more than 11 million TweetReach snapshots.

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