Thousands of brands, agencies and marketers measure their impact on Twitter with TweetReach by Union Metrics.

“TweetReach by Union Metrics is an essential part of any digital influence program.”
-Brian Solis, author of PR 2.0 and Engage

What can I do with TweetReach Pro?

With a subscription to TweetReach Pro by Union Metrics, you’ll access real-time Twitter analytics with ongoing Trackers, as well as quick analysis of recent Tweets with one-time snapshot reports. All Pro plans come with unlimited snapshot reports, our unmatched customer support and unlimited user logins.

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What data can I access?

Trackers collect Tweets directly from the full-fidelity Twitter stream in real time as they are posted. Trackers also include a one-time 30-day backfill of up to 5,000 Tweets, and then analyze and archive all new Tweets as long as they’re running.

Snapshot reports use the Twitter Search API and analyze a maximum of 1500 Tweets from the past few days.

Which plan should I choose?

Choosing the right plan means balancing Trackers and allotted Tweet volume. Each Tracker can monitor one Twitter account or one keyword-based topic, so you’ll need one Tracker for each distinct topic or account you want to track at once. If you aren’t sure how many Tweets your topics will pull in each month, just ask! We can help estimate future tweet volumes.

Where’s your legal information?

Take a look at our terms of service (which includes our refund policy) and privacy policy.

Are there other options?

TweetReach Pro is normally a month-to-month subscription that renews automatically to a credit card each month. We’re also currently offering a 20% discount if you want to pre-pay for a year upfront. Just click on the plan you want above to choose this option at signup. Have other payment needs? Just ask.

What is your cancellation policy?

TweetReach Pro by Union Metrics is a monthly subscription that automatically renews each month. However, you may cancel your subscription any time and you will not be billed again after that. We do not offer refunds for late cancellations or partial months.

Can I change plan levels?

Absolutely. You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Do you have analytics for other platforms?

At Union Metrics, we make more than just TweetReach! We also offer analytics for Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. You can see all our options here.

What if I have other questions?

There’s more information on our helpdesk. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to connect with our sales team.


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