Created specifically to meet the needs of our most sophisticated customers, the TweetReach Pro Ultimate plan offers comprehensive Twitter analytics capabilities for all your brands, clients, and products.

Whether you’re analyzing Twitter activities for numerous brands or clients, monitoring multiple campaigns for your products or services, or managing large media and entertainment events, the Ultimate plan offers an extensive mix of capabilities designed to meet all of your Twitter analytics needs.


Track everything

50 Trackers - Track all the tweets about a topic on Twitter in real time. Each Tracker monitors up to 15 search queries 24x7. Tweets are streamed directly from Twitter to our servers and TweetReach enables detailed analysis with a simple, easy to use interface. With 50 trackers - that’s 30 more than our next highest plan - the Ultimate plan ensures you'll get every tweet you need.

Get more historical data


Unlimited Snapshot Reports - Measure recent Twitter activity for any query. The TweetReach Pro Ultimate plan includes an unlimited number of snapshot reports that are perfect for anything that doesn't require long-term tracking. Snapshot reports include up 1,500 tweets from the past week, and can be shared with colleagues and clients, exported to CSV, or downloaded to PDF.

TweetReach Back - Get detailed analysis of historical tweets. If you missed an important event or weren't able to set up a Tracker before campaign tweets went out, you can access tweets from the past. This is a more comprehensive option than our simple snapshot report, with no tweet limits and the same in-depth metrics you see in a Tracker. Subscribers to the TweetReach Pro Ultimate plan have access to up to 24 hours of TweetReach Back analysis each month. Please contact your account manager for assistance with this feature.

Integrate with your business

Unlimited Projects and Users - Selectively share TweetReach Trackers with clients and colleagues, group related Trackers and snapshot reports together, support multiple Twitter campaigns with one Pro subscription through a new, simple interface, and easily manage access for multiple users. Learn more.

TweetReach API - Automate the process of importing TweetReach data into your periodic reporting or easily connect TweetReach to your other internal systems. Even if you don't have a developer, our API is easy to use from tools like Excel Web Queries so your team can pull TweetReach data directly into your Excel-based reports. If you do have a developer, you’ll appreciate the RESTful simplicity and choice of XML or JSON responses that make our API easy to use. Learn more.

Dedicated Account Manager - In addition to the premium support offered to all TweetReach Pro subscribers, Ultimate plan subscribers get access to their own dedicated account manager. Need help setting up Trackers? Have a question about the best way to get the data you need? Not sure how to interpret your numbers? Just ask your account manager.