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All plans include TweetReach Pro Twitter analytics plus Instagram & Facebook at no extra cost.

Need something bigger? Our Social Suite plans offer more social profiles with unlimited followers, enhanced social listening on large topics and access to the entire Twitter archive.

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For marketers managing a social presence.


For marketers tracking profiles and topics.


For mid-sized teams, SMBs and small agencies.

Plan Features
Tracked topics 1 2 4
Monthly Tweet volumes 10k 50k 150k
Analyzed social profiles 2 3 6
Max followers per profile 20k 50k 100k
Twitter Snapshots Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support level Online Email Email
Data Access
Real-time monitoring
Twitter topics or public profiles
True owned Twitter engagement
Twitter historical 30 days / 5k Tweets 30 days / 5k Tweets 30 days / 5k Tweets
Recent Twitter followers 50 100 250
Instagram topics or public profiles
Owned Facebook pages
Competitive Facebook pages 3 3 3
True Reach and impressions
Profile engagement
Influencer identification
Topic and mention monitoring
Competitive comparison
Data exports
Sentiment analysis
Audience geography
Dashboards & Insights
Automated insights
Weekly email summaries
Multi-channel comparisons  
Project dashboards  
User logins 1 Unlimited Unlimited
User access permissions    
Customizable projects    
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Union Metrics FAQs

What are Trackers?

A Tracker collects data about a topic or profile (including profiles you don’t own) on any supported social channel. The topics or profiles being tracked can change at any time. Each Tracker provides a 30-day backfill of historical data and a variety of detailed reports.

What happened to TweetReach Pro?

It’s been upgraded! Union Metrics subscriptions have all the same functionality TweetReach Pro did, plus Instagram and Facebook analytics. If you’re on one of our Twitter-only plans, you can move over to the updated plans any time.

What can I do with a Union Metrics subscription?

With Union Metrics, you’ll get access to a bundle of our analytics Trackers, which analyze and archive social media posts in real time. Each Tracker can monitor a public profile on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or a keyword-based topic on Twitter. Use this reporting to measure your social impact, improve your content, monitor your competitors, and more.

What data can I access?

Trackers collect posts directly from their respective full-fidelity data streams, in real time as they are posted. New Trackers also include a one-time backfill of data from the past month, and then analyze and archive all new posts as long as they’re running. That includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Snapshot reports use the Twitter Search API and analyze a maximum of 1500 Tweets from the past few days.

Which plan should I choose?

Consider how many topics or profiles you want to monitor at once; you’ll need one Tracker per unique topic or profile. Also think about the expected volumes for those topics and follower counts for those profiles.

Need help deciding? We can help!

Are there other payment options?

Union Metrics plans are monthly or annual subscriptions that renew automatically to a credit card each month. We offer a 20% discount if you select the annual billing option. Just click on the plan you want above to choose this option at signup.

What is your cancellation policy?

Union Metrics plans automatically renew each month (or year). However, you may cancel your subscription any time and you will not be billed again after that. We do not offer refunds for late cancellations or partial months.

Can I change plan levels?

Absolutely. You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

What if I have other questions?

There’s more information on our helpdesk. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to connect with our team.

Where’s your legal information?

Take a look at our terms of service (which includes our refund policy) and privacy policy.

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