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What Mindfulness Has to Do with Getting Things Done @LewisHowes via @BizWomenExperts #SirenChat #Leadership

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  Tweets RTs Impressions
FollowTeamUSA 1 0 70k
urbansiren 44 0 38.5k
JonP9 1 0 32k
gerri_chambers 1 0 1.2k
TheTekGrl 1 0 649
MichaelBuono 1 0 388
LucysHall 1 0 1

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Mar 25, 2015 at 6:00pm UTC

TY to everyone who tuned in to #SirenChat! Transcript on the #blog soon. If our chat brought you value, tell us what you liked best #social
A4 via moi: ReTweeted article via @Hennesseyedit "Your Anxiety Contributes to Your Bad Decisions." @Entrepreneur @WriteLisaEvans #SirenChat
Q4: As a leader, what do you value more: your instinct or feeback from your team when making decisions? Reply w/ A4. #SirenChat
A3 via moi: ReTweeted article via @vivian_giang @KerriAmberReed "Inside Google's Insanely Popular Emotional Intelligence Course" #SirenChat
Q3: Do you rely more on emotional intelligence or rational thinking? Reply w/ A3. #SirenChat
A2 @MichaelBuono Daily for me too. Thinking on my toes and responding on my toes seems to be 24/7 running my own business #SirenChat
A2:MT @MichaelBuono: Daily. Nature of working a reference desk. Most of our public service work means handling whatever comes #SirenChat
P.S. #SirenChat fans out there watching but not chirping? It's totes OK to spy :) Feel free to say Hi! #TwitterChat
Q2: When was the last time you had to make a real-time decision w/ no prep time? The outcome? Reply w/ A2. #SirenChat
A1: @MichaelBuono I have project management tools at the ready on my desktop + mobile too! Namely @Podio #SirenChat
MT @MichaelBuono: A1 None at the moment. My desktop mobile tools r used to streamline sharing + to keep me on task. @urbansiren #sirenchat
A1 None at the moment. My desktop mobile tools are used to streamline sharing and to keep me on task. @urbansiren #sirenchat
Q1: What mobile or desktop #mindfulness tools do you rely on/wish existed? Answer w/ A1 start of reply. #SirenChat
Welcome to #SirenChat, friends! Here we go :) You'll see Q1, Q2, etc. U reply by first typing A1, A2 in response. "A1" should be first :)
We're all the way on! Welcome to the 3rd #SirenChat. Hi-tweet traffic 12-1 pm EST today. TY for tuning in + sharing!
I get #butterflies before #SirenChat. You guys get me giddy! We're live in 5 :) #stagefright #humancondition
@BeautyCurators TY, Lovey! Can't wait till tonight! If ur free 12-1 pm today we can "chat" even sooner :) #SirenChat
We share #mindfulness resources via #SirenChat. For starters, here's one I use by @Hivequest: More today 12-1 pm EST
One hour until #SirenChat! 12-1 pm EST today! First-timers are most welcome. #TwitterChat
Happy #humpday friends! Hope you'll join me on #Twitter today 12-1 pm EST for my weekly #SirenChat.…
Curious about #SirenChat? Not sure how to join in? Check out my how-to's + transcripts. Tune in 12-1 pm EST today!
Morning! Today's agenda? Me: hosting #SirenChat 12-1 pm EST, new client proposal, dinner w/ friend. #HumpDay

Mar 25, 2015 at 12:00am UTC

Mar 22, 2015 at 12:00am UTC

@OliviaThai G* to connect on Instagram! You're invited to #SirenChat Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST…
@raehanbobby Great to connect! You're invited to #SirenChat Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST:… ~ Diane
@AliceMartin8 Great to connect! You're invited to #SirenChat Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST:… ~ D.
@morganb Hi! Great to connect! You're invited to #SirenChat Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST:… ~ Diane

Mar 21, 2015 at 12:00am UTC

Catch up on the last two #SirenChat get-togethers + join us for the next one: Weds March 25 12-1 pm EST! #TwitterChat

Mar 20, 2015 at 12:00am UTC

Design Your Life w/ our #SirenChat community: March 25 12-1 pm EST:
Excited about the next #SirenChat: March 25 12-1 pm EST. Design Your Life! #leadership #community
Share easy "tweetables" about #SirenChat + build a community that loves #leadership #mindfulness + smart decisions:
Easy "tweetables" for #SirenChat fans on the blog. Share + build a community of #leaders!
Missed #SirenChat yesterday but want the topics we discussed: #leadership decision-making, #emotional #intelligence?
RT @IamRachalT: What Mindfulness Has to Do with Getting Things Done @LewisHowes via @BizWomenExperts #SirenChat #Lea

Mar 19, 2015 at 1:19am UTC