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#Medtech, Panakès lancia un fondo di #venturecapital per le #startup europee

contributors Information

A complete list of all contributors (participants) in this report, including how many tweets they posted, how many retweets they received and how many impressions their tweets generated. This list is ordered by impressions.
  Tweets RTs Impressions
startupcrunch 2 2 56.1k
CashClamber 1 0 35.5k
selfbios 1 0 35.5k
AdeccoFrance 1 0 15.4k
VictoriaLynden 1 0 9.9k
Businewss_Bot 1 0 8.9k
EconomyUp 1 3 6k
scott_kerr 1 0 5.3k
StartUpTool 1 0 5.1k
Entrepreneuruo 1 0 4.9k
BOTStartup 1 0 4.8k
5amStartups 2 0 4.5k
tigga7d6 1 0 4.5k
WSXEnterprise 1 0 4.3k
LouiSGSylvestre 1 0 3.9k
jpatel284 1 0 3.9k
1MalachiD 1 0 3.9k
Mllegima 1 0 3.8k
JosephWells 1 0 3.7k
greenfrogstudio 1 0 3.6k
lyon_startup 1 0 3.3k
waelsalman 1 0 3.2k
anantcorp 1 0 3.1k
lbkgorr 2 0 2.7k
virtualvalleyio 1 0 2.7k
GonzaloGarde 2 0 2.6k
BanksMillStudio 1 0 2.1k
MBOA237 1 0 2.1k
Iam_Vjay 1 0 2k
adsensejobcom 1 0 2k
PDarigan 1 0 1.6k
FrankGoortani 1 0 1.6k
alessio 2 0 1.5k
ElHippyNYC 1 1 1.4k
TheDaveKirby 1 0 1.3k
RWKotulski 1 0 1.3k
Lanooba 1 0 1.1k
MaryLeviandier 1 0 1k
CentumCares 1 0 948
Enterprise_54 1 0 897
dev_jac 1 0 882
simonetarantino 1 0 878
ayeconsultinggp 1 0 878
djradev 1 0 858
acupofChi 1 0 856
Entrepre_Loser 1 0 827
Scribelle 1 0 765
sendthruhq 1 0 740
aurorehochard 1 0 698
AlwynMalan 1 0 626
TonyDeSisto 1 0 616
NoizeMaykr 1 0 604
gocloudcom 1 0 572
jeffdholman 1 0 515
shop_marketer 1 0 505
StoreeDoc 1 0 499
ScottishBizHour 1 0 470
LisaWeinberger 1 0 469
vnikolop 1 0 426
TestimonialR 1 0 422
AmanieAmmoun 1 0 406
Tiffaneywxn 1 0 338
acostaariel 1 0 316
tach_app 1 0 315
Akikotss 1 0 297
shivam_mundra 1 0 277
EliGarbarini 1 0 274
testanalystat 1 0 211
LucaGangemi 1 0 195
MartinRowan1 1 0 194
Corentin2G 1 0 194
slalommatt 1 0 178
CheckMySaaS 1 0 163
update__kabar 1 0 157
mihai_negrisan 1 0 143
johnrenardile 1 0 112
ac06870 1 0 112
shanezrichert 1 0 103
CloudNowTech 1 0 88
gehaktbal 1 0 85
ConTraIT 1 0 76
Milk_The_Modle 1 0 46
chafullstack 1 0 44
taranggoslaia 1 0 14
candrafrecnh 1 0 13
PathakSantosh07 1 0 11
electronic_eqpt 1 0 11
gurnoorinsan99 1 0 10
MyFavoraid 1 0 8
WeLikeStartup 3 0 3
BorisLKH 1 0 1
FTSEpoll 1 0 1
Startup_Direct 1 0 1

tweets timeline Information

A full list of all tweets in this report, in reverse chronological order (newest first). This list includes timestamps.

Feb 15, 2016 at 1:44pm UTC

waelsalman… "4 Essentials to Secure Your Business Even From State-Sponsored Online Threats #startup"
Need funding for your startup in Nigeria? Here are 9 things you must do
STARTUP IDEA: IFTTT, but for real life - IF I cook the dinner WILL YOU do the washing up...
Karna to bahut kuch chahta hu but where? I dont to know what is meaning of "SKILL INDIA",STARTUP INDIA,MAKE IN INDIA.
RT @dr_morton: Let us help your #Startup get the same results on #Twitter Free 14-Day Trial: #entrepreneur https:/…
RT @GrowthHackers: How did SpringSled get 138,790 users in under 30 days using 3 hacks #startup……
RT @jose_garde: Aside from fast-growing e-commerce #startups ,what else does #Spain have t offer? #ecommerce
Looking to start a business or in your first year? #startup #growth
bymaddyness: #MaddyCrowd : The Connected Sleeve, le chargeur à induction haut de gamme
RT @aliceness: I’m curious. How many are there of you out there that are Testers/QA working at a ‘startup’? Fave if you are: please RT even…
RT @4dabledotcom: If you try and fail, make another effort, and still another until you succeed..🎓 #startup #entrepreneur #motivation http…
RT @AboutPharmaHPS: #Medtech: #Panakès Partners lancia un fondo di venture capital dedicato a #startup europee… via …
YouTube Akuisisi Startup Pengembang Software Musik
RT @paulcastain: How One Testimonial Put $23,800 In My Pocket Over The Weekend #smallbusiness #startup #sales https…
@WmWaiMeng startup idea: link all university systems
RT GrowthHackers: 4 Essentials to Secure Your Business Even From State-Sponsored Online Threats #startup…

Feb 15, 2016 at 1:44pm UTC

RT @HealthITNews: Startup aims for fingertip access to medical records
#apps #startup #adminttemplate Altar Popular Admin Material Design Premium Template
Monese "The 2-year-old startup can verify your identity with just a picture of your passport and a selfie"…
@ArianaPharma inscrivez vous vite sur #WLS et tentez de lever des fonds pour votre startup, entre 100K€ et 1M€ :
RT @purplegreyart: We have three appointments left for this Wednesday .... #startup #artists #makers
Look forward to #networking with you @norbitcoin! We're a very different #startup #business #bizitalk
RT @jose_garde: Being Digitally Influential in a Startup Society - #InfluencerMarketing #Marketing
4 Interesting Ways Slack & Other Brands Use Net Promoter Score Data #startup
RT @TalentGardenit: Il 24/02 a #Milano: The Toolkit, un #evento per fornire strumenti concreti ale #startup @StartU…
RT @mariegwen: Mon 1er article sur @Medium :) L’entrepreneure fashion et autres clichés expliqués à mon frère… #fémi
RT @MarijuanaRates: A small startup is helping to fix the #banking problem in the #marijuana industry. @willyakowicz…
#Eyefluence First look: How one startup aims to change the future of VR. Read more:…
Our international Numbers are hosted in the #cloud. Expand your #business,an international virtual presence #startup
Thanks JILOU Mohamed for the follow! You might also be interested in our new #startup EListingsClub
RT @JohnNosta: Dear Silicon Valley: There are no shortcuts in health care… by @chrissyfarr via @FastCompany #digita
RT @neske: Thinking about the purpose is difficult, realization is much easier. #startup #idea
Startup: An Insider's Guide to Launching and Running a #Business…
Everything @ycombinator knows about how to start a startup
@TheMaeComp Ha. Looks like you guys have some exciting times ahead. Do let us know if we can help in any way...
@AriadNEXT inscrivez vous vite sur #WLS et tentez de lever des fonds pour votre startup, entre 100K€ et 1M€ :
How to partner with a larger company when you’re a startup
How to add and manage multiple accounts on instagram - #Startup #Marketing
RT BethelMpacko: Découvrez la nouvelle version de Vairified via ce lien:; . C'est tout simplement ouf ! #startup #T
RT @jacquibull111: 'Study finds having at least 30% of women in leadership positions adds 6% to net profit margin'
NYC #startup Lunchspread blows up the subscription box model with a free lunch sample idea
RT @startupcrunch: #startup 30 Under 30: Ashish Agrawal - The startup whisperer… #venture
Conclusione della Sponsorship di NA Startup: Napoli, 15 Febbraio 2016 - La società CON-TRA SpA comunica di...

Feb 15, 2016 at 1:43pm UTC

I’m a great believer in luck......- Thomas Jefferson #Quotes via @SecretEntourage #Success #Startup #4hww
Tampa can benefit from implementing a lean startup approach of experimentation + iteration, read more in #maketampa:…
Le jury 2 est très studieux également pour choisir les #startup qui feront partie de cette 3eme édition !
RT @startupcrunch: #startup Ola, Shuttl try to bridge gap in getting around the capital city… #venture…
First look: How one startup aims to change the future of VR -… -
RT @Kimiri_Stephen: For success a #StartUp founder must know #Entrepreurship is a discipline @LailaMacharia @ADMIafrica @HEVAFund @CentumCa…
4 Essentials to Secure Your Business Even From State-Sponsored Online Threats #startup…
Startup DirectShare Aims to Shake Up Enterprise File-Sharing - Re/code
RT @jose_garde: Being Digitally Influential in a Startup Society - #InfluencerMarketing #Marketing
@Ari_Pictures inscrivez vous vite sur #WLS et tentez de lever des fonds pour votre startup, entre 100K€ et 1M€ :
RT @EconomyUp: #Medtech, Panakès lancia un fondo di #venturecapital per le #startup europee
RT @SueBZimmerman: This Startup is Using Snapchat as a Customer Service Tool… via socialmedia2day @iOgrapher is Awes…
#Medtech, Panakès lancia un fondo di #venturecapital per le #startup europee
RT @cassbusiness: Are you a Cass student looking for FREE office space and startup support? Apply to join @TheHangoutLDN by 17th Feb! https…
RT @ccollab: Le #cocamionnage, c’est comme le #covoiturage mais dans un camion. Voyager en cabine, ça vous tente ?
Discover @AOL's little known Free #startup incubator in the D.C.-area #DCtech…
RT @startup_italia: Da 5 studenti l’app che ti fa da bodyguard mentre torni a casa di notte (negli Usa è boom)… http…
#iOS Engineer - Innovative Startup + #1 Workplace #jobs #jobsearch #: #CA-San Jose, CyberCoders Matching Great...
RT @codeandsupply: Ever wanted to work out of @alphalab? Now's your chance. Startup Weekend #Pittsburgh: Women's Edition on March 18-20 htt…
#startup Kylie Jenner Wears Pink Wig in Valentine's Day Snapchat Video: See Her…… #snapchat
#startup Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life Improves With Instagram, Snapchat &…… #snapchat
RT @marshawright: How to partner with a larger company when you’re a startup #business #entrepreneur #tech https://…

Feb 15, 2016 at 1:42pm UTC