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19.8k impressions

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Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay

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A complete list of all contributors (participants) in this report, including how many tweets they posted, how many retweets they received and how many impressions their tweets generated. This list is ordered by impressions.
  Tweets RTs Impressions
online_craft 1 0 19.8k
ChrysteePharris 1 0 19.5k
flower_lounge 1 0 5.2k
HPUMC 1 0 3.4k
JoyHabeHouston 1 0 2.6k
OfficialSarge 1 0 2.4k
EdwinPeng88 2 0 1.6k
ladyozma 1 0 1.6k
FabFrocks 2 0 1.5k
DarylRicketts 2 0 1.5k
MsAnnie26 1 0 1.4k
minibrownies 1 1 1.2k
strength_roast 1 0 1.1k
trstbg 1 0 1.1k
RayvenChoi 1 2 1k
adu_crushes 1 7 1k
MoneyTrain 1 0 936
ashleysaysrawr_ 1 0 921
dawnie0030 1 0 866
AriseMinistries 1 0 852
Ethi_Princess_ 1 0 740
Ahllura 1 0 730
MCInman96 1 0 719
JufyStyles 1 0 604
EviJLove 1 0 576
muir323 2 0 558
CjoyHilario 1 0 534
IAmStillSteve 1 0 516
JoohnPhilip 1 0 510
woahhcadii 1 0 488
jasminepting 1 0 478
breezuschrist_ 1 0 464
ddoeremi 1 0 448
BlondieLW81 1 0 441
sololoner2 1 0 430
Law_Chick1 1 0 425
_hoodiejacket 1 0 424
chabilitzz 1 0 413
MizBehav 1 0 402
QueenKamikaze 1 0 373
emlee05 1 0 354
AaditiSrimal 1 0 350
MarciJClark 1 0 348
itiz_Mahesh 1 0 340
cjohnsonss 1 0 337
ianatenoriooo 1 0 332
Page71Lounge 1 0 330
LeoGarciaComedy 1 0 327
hapoooooooon 1 0 307
Notingshaw 1 0 288
McLarryFineArt 1 0 274
artrageousninja 1 0 252
VespertineCosmo 1 1 250
iamPamEstrella 1 0 247
rawkerjulz 1 0 245
AlinaHalani 1 0 241
brookeatallent 1 0 206
MuseFanFran 1 0 204
barefoot4life85 1 0 185
MusicClif 1 0 173
Seysii 1 0 152
SheroComics 1 1 145
iamallisonsmith 1 0 125
RLChickwbrains 1 0 110
TheRealTMV 1 0 110
Katarina_MV 1 0 97
cmsmith1266 1 0 94
kwcfre 1 0 94
SwizzBecky 1 0 88
Abbersxo 1 0 87
coll450 1 0 80
KawaiiKateLive 1 0 78
reedwritemarch 1 0 73
celib8shoewhore 1 0 71
thressy 1 0 71
therealhalrold 1 0 66
violetcat 1 0 65
KieltyLisa 1 0 55
tandabear_tr 1 0 50
ThePitchSM 1 0 47
thatsingle_girl 1 0 40
topfive3x 1 0 35
sarahsupergreat 1 0 26
Milkxm99 1 0 26
Bwinika_ 1 0 21
underscorev7 1 0 18
MidMaiden 1 0 16
SirShinJi23 1 0 6
yhangprincess20 1 0 5
newsieducks25 1 0 3
jana_vincent 1 0 3
cincycelebfan 1 0 1
LuisitoLuitar 1 0 1
Tigersfanjr 1 0 1
Julie_loveeeee 1 0 1
yoster81 1 0 1

tweets timeline Information

A full list of all tweets in this report, in reverse chronological order (newest first). This list includes timestamps.

Feb 13, 2017 at 1:38am UTC

S/o to all the single fellas I used to be like you but now I'm not #SinglesAwarenessDay #psych
Forget Singles Awareness Day: Valentine’s Day should be for all of us |…
Valentine's Day coincides with my one true love: Taco Tuesday #SinglesAwarenessDay
If you celebrate #SinglesAwarenessDay, we already know that about you. Have you seen the things you post?
@FOX19Kara I will be gifting myself flowers, chocolate and champagne :-) #singlesawarenessday
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay

Feb 13, 2017 at 12:00am UTC

Someone told me happy Valentine's Day earlier today. Do not even...#SinglesAwarenessDay
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
I'm not really #singleasapringle. I just didn't wanna be left out. 😂😩 #ValentinesDay or #SinglesAwarenessDay is in two days. 😉
Remind me to not log on to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or anything on Tuesday. #SinglesAwarenessDay
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
I feel like they call it #singlesawarenessday specifically because it spells out SAD? I'm probably a little late to that realization
RT @RayvenChoi: Make this #SinglesAwarenessDay fun watching our anti #ValentinesDay  classic #TheTakeover & our new film #RayvenChoi https:…
Wendy Griffith’s Singles Material on 700 Club Christian Show in Feb 2017… #ValentinesDay #SinglesAwarenessDay #Single
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
We've teamed up with @WillowFloristry to celebrate #SinglesAwarenessDay You could win a #bouquet worth £50
RT @LifeStylesUSA: For #SinglesAwarenessDay, treat yourself. Click #LifeStylesPartyOfOne to unlock today's deal: ht…
Excuse me as I spend this pre-#SinglesAwarenessDay weekend watching crappy films and working on my book. #singlegirlproblems
"You're cool I guess." Accurate. #singlesawarenessday #valentinesday @ Freedom Missionary…
#valentines #singlesawarenessday #💖 #💃 #🌹 #🍫 #🥂 @ Nashville, Tennessee
or what are your fave ways to not do valentine's day? #singlesawarenessday
Ohhhhh the sea of beautiful red that taunts some of us with the fact that we're totally unloveable outcasts....……
Just ate a whole Valentine's Day box of candy so safe to say I am sufficiently pregamed for Tuesday 🤙🏻😛 #SinglesAwarenessDay
Why is #GalentinesDay a thing? Hahaha! I'll stick with the simpler #SinglesAwarenessDay Less drama. Lol!…
Advanced Valentine's day dinner to my favorite person in the world #TrueLove #SelfLove #SinglesAwarenessDay
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
I'm going to work on 14th coz it's tuesday. #SinglesAwarenessDay
Me: It's settled. Wala na munang love life until I graduate. Also me: Eh bakit, may choice ka ba?……
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
RT @adu_crushes: Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
Dami kong nakikitang bulaklak ah, malapit na ba araw ng mga patay? #SinglesAwarenessDay
My Plan on Feb. 14? 1. Buy 5pcs. of Yum Burger 2. Go home. 3. Eat at my bed then sulk. #diakobitter #SinglesAwarenessDay @Jollibee
Darianne @yhangprincess20 over 4 years ago
Masaya din pala maging single #SinglesAwarenessDay
I am so ready to receive nothing on valentines day 💖💖💖 #SinglesAwarenessDay
#NYFW, I'm counting on you to distract me from Valentine's Day. My sanity depends on it. #singlesawarenessday
Why wait for someone else to buy you flowers? Treat yourself! #noexcuses #flowers #SinglesAwarenessDay 15th Feb……
Brilliant and how 😂😂 #ValentinesDay #SinglesAwarenessDay the power brand couple of the industry. #AkshayKumar…
இவ்வளவு அழகா இங்கிலீஷ் ல அனுப்புன உனக்கு அத யாருக்கு அனுப்புரதுன்னு தெரியலயே #Singles…
RT @RayvenChoi: Make this #SinglesAwarenessDay fun watching our anti #ValentinesDay classic #TheTakeover & our new film #RayvenChoi https:/…
It's almost #SinglesAwarenessDay and I don't know what to get myself.
Jules @Julie_loveeeee over 4 years ago
@Buzzr818 lmao! I got you boo! ❤️ #SinglesAwarenessDay AF but RIGHT. Fuck it ! Spa day. ! 🤗🙌🏼
Uhgg the worst holiday is coming up #SinglesAwarenessDay
Bekz @RLChickwbrains over 4 years ago
Candy Hearts by @relientK is my new Valentine's Day jam! Thank you guys for literally making my Valentine's Day :)……
Roses are red, Violets are blue. Vodka is cheaper than dinner for two. #SinglesAwarenessDay
#ValentinesDay, #GalentinesDay, #SinglesAwarenessDay - no matter what you're celebrating this weekend, we have the……
Lol, now we are checking the bread, the sour cream... #ValentinesDay #SinglesAwarenessDay
Why do I need a date for Valentine’s Day? I can buy my own damn flowers & box of chocolate… #SinglesAwarenessDay
#SinglesAwarenessDay is coming up, who's gonna veg out with me or watch some romantic movies 😂😂
Has anyone noticed #SinglesAwarenessDay is S.A.D? So if you say happy singles awareness day you're an effing hypocrite #ValentinesDay
I wonder what I should get my cat for valentines 🤔💝 #SinglesAwarenessDay
I Never Been Have On A Relationship With No One and I Never Will Have A Relationship...or Maybe #antivalentine #SinglesAwarenessDay
Day goes well. Remembers Tuesday is V-Day. Day no longer goes well. #SinglesAwarenessDay #sad #damnitbrain
LADIES! Only a few days left till V-Day! Watch & get the look! #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayweekend #SinglesAwarenessDay #makeuptutorial

Feb 12, 2017 at 12:00am UTC

About to start a a pre-Valentine's day single event. Wish my luck. #SinglesAwarenessDay #single
Thank you @ProFlowers for reminding me that I'm still single and won't be receiving flowers on #ValentinesDay #SinglesAwarenessDay
Helping my sister get her bf stuff for #vday turned into an online shopping spree for myself 👜💅🏽💳 looking forward to #SinglesAwarenessDay
RT @SheroComics: Make this #SinglesAwarenessDay fun watching our anti #ValentinesDay classic #TheTakeover & our new film #RayvenChoi https:…
Anti-VDAY Singles Night Out is 3 days away!! Live DJ, Free Food, @Patron girls and much, much more! 💔🥂🍾 #SMTX #txst #SinglesAwarenessDay
Quickly approaching #singlesawarenessday and #Kroger has a strong aisle for it.
It's thunder & rain, Valentines weekend AND 50 Shades of Grey is out??? Damn..#FiftyShadesDarker @FiftyShades #SinglesAwarenessDay

Feb 11, 2017 at 10:12pm UTC