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estimated reach Information

The estimated overall reach of tweets in this report.
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exposure Information

Exposure is the number of overall impressions generated by tweets in this report - the total number of times tweets were delivered to timelines (including repeats). The graph breaks down how many of the tweets in your report were sent by users with that many followers.

Bars show number of tweets sent by users with that many followers

activity Information

Activity provides details about the tweets in this report, including the total number of tweets and unique contributors, the time period covered by the report, a graphical timeline showing tweet volume during the report period, and tweet type breakdown.

top contributors Information

In order to be included in this section, a person must have tweeted at least once in this report. The top three contributors in this report are:
  1. Highest Exposure - The contributor who generated the highest exposure from direct impressions.
  2. Most Retweeted - The contributor who received the most retweets.
  3. Most Mentioned - The contributor who was mentioned the most times.

No contributor has been retweeted

most retweeted tweets Information

The top three most retweeted tweets in this report, including retweet counts for each tweet. This includes both new-style automatic retweets and old-style manual retweets that start with “RT @username.”

No tweets in this report have been retweeted. In order for a tweet to show up as retweeted in this section, the original tweet must also be included in the report.

contributors Information

A complete list of all contributors (participants) in this report, including how many tweets they posted, how many retweets they received and how many impressions their tweets generated. This list is ordered by impressions.
  Tweets RTs Impressions
AdTechConsults 3 0 629
Passionartistic 4 0 628
takenn54 2 0 440
StephenCHogan 18 0 354
LyfeStylzplus 1 0 310
Nilemajesty 1 0 197
JoelleFleu 2 0 162
SocialMediaMixr 11 0 143
EveHarvestBeaut 6 0 27
ThirdEyeGrp 2 0 2

tweets timeline Information

A full list of all tweets in this report, in reverse chronological order (newest first). This list includes timestamps.

Mar 19, 2013 at 12:29am UTC

Hello everyone sorry I am late it 's Monday madness here in my office hope that I did not miss much #socialmediamixer
Have to get back to working...I am gone #socialmediamixer

Mar 19, 2013 at 12:15am UTC

@LyfeStylzplus Where are you doing the majority of your marketing? #socialmediamixer
Having NUMEROUS accounts is kind of a must in todays market. Every platform serves a purpose. Problem is, having content #socialmediamixer

Mar 19, 2013 at 12:10am UTC

Working mother, children, and MULTIPLE platforms? What to do? #socialmediamixer
Keisa @LyfeStylzplus over 8 years ago
Hi! I am struggling to get the word out about my business. I have a few things I am working on 4 content any suggestions #socialmediamixer
It was a blast!! And, once last note, a topic I promised to discuss before I checked out..... #socialmediamixer
@Takenn54 YES!!! I don't care HOW creative I get for your business...if you lack quality customer service?? IT won't help #socialmediamixer

Mar 19, 2013 at 12:05am UTC

"You are the best Anne! Thank you for the savings and upgrades." new client i have #socialmediamixer
its true Marketing doesn't guarantee customer service is what it is all about in a nutshell #socialmediamixer
A5) In direct sales, too easy to get lost in the crowd. You/your brand makes you stand out. Can use it to our advantage! #socialmediamixer
RT @StephenCHogan: @JoelleFlu, brought up a great point , the platform best used, is the one producing the wanted results #socialmediamixer
Marketing can NEVER guarantee a sale. Even at it's most clever and creative. In the end,Customer service is the trump card #socialmediamixer
RT @JoelleFleu: A5) I think the best way to gauge the best platform are the responses/engagement youre getting... #socialmediamixer
A5) Being a direct sales, I think the best way to gauge the best platform are the responses/engagement you're getting... #socialmediamixer
@JoelleFlu, brought up a great point as well,, the platform best used, is the one producing the wanted results #socialmediamixer

Mar 19, 2013 at 12:00am UTC

Welcome @ThirdEyeGrp. Sorry we missed you there. #socialmediamixer
A6)My job and passion is to find something of value in EVERY business I come across. So, I tend to have to be more open #socialmediamixer

Mar 18, 2013 at 11:55pm UTC

RT @StephenCHogan: A6) The key is to stick to the basics. Dont cut corners, skip scenes or try to find a faster route. #socialmediamixer
thanks for chatting everyone, looking forward to the next event. have a great night #socialmediamixer
A6) Also, keep in mind why YOU use Facebook, as opposed to others. I make personal connections, as well as business. #socialmediamixer
@ThirdEyeGrp Welcome, Sheila Hawkins AKA "The Time Keeper"!! #socialmediamixer
@StephenCHogan It doesn't but once you click like you are kind of forced to follow. #socialmediamixer
@Thirdeyegroup, Sheila Hawkins, my "Time Keeper" Didn't get a chance to say HI!! #socialmediamixer
@Passionartistic I agree. I don't click like unless it is something that interests me. #socialmediamixer
A6) Gimmicks are gimmicks. Marketing is NOT about gimmicks or following trends. It is about creative accentuation #socialmediamixer
A6) The key is to stick to the basics. Don't cut corners, skip scenes or try to find a faster route. There isn't one. #socialmediamixer

Mar 18, 2013 at 11:50pm UTC

RT @StephenCHogan: LOL @AdminTechConsults It wont get better. Facebook is evolving, and we need to accept those changes #socialmediamixer
@StephenCHogan Oh, how I long for those days again. #socialmediamixer
I was referring to the actual post not the page, as to why I personally don't like each post. #socialmediamixer
A6) @Passionartistic I have LIKED plenty of pages. Always in support. But, not Always out of consumer need. #socialmediamixer
@SocialMediaMixr Pinterest and I have been trying for so long to generate leads from Facebook #socialmediamixer
zappos been doing finish this sentence now everybody does it so it's no longer relevant to me i move on to other posts #socialmediamixer
A6) People tend to "like" a page as a gesture or validation that they approve, or support. Like doesn't mean FOLLOW #socialmediamixer
@socialmedia, If the page doesn't resonate with me i don't bother liking it.Step back n ask your audience what they want #socialmediamixer
A6 People on Facebook "Like" stuff. It's what we do. It's how we acknowledge approval, or validate existence in our circle #socialmediamixer
@EveHarvestBeaut Which do you prefer for business purposes? #socialmediamixer

Mar 18, 2013 at 11:45pm UTC

@EveHarvestBeaut Do you have a personal, business or both on #Facebook? #socialmediamixer
@AdminTechConsults We are ALL in denial a little still. Back when Facebook loved us, and every post was seen. #socialmediamixer
LOL @AdminTechConsults It won't get better. Facebook is evolving, and we need to accept those changes #socialmediamixer

Mar 18, 2013 at 11:41pm UTC