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TweetReach Pro is now part of Union Metrics business plans. Monitor social posts across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all for the same low price. Get comprehensive, real-time analytics on reach, performance and engagement, and continuously analyze all posts about the topics you care about, displaying your results in eye-catching charts and digestible reports.

Any post, any topic

Measure all the social activity that’s important to you – topics, profiles, hashtags, competitors.

Full coverage

Never miss a posts. Our comprehensive Trackers are built on reliable, full-fidelity data access streams.

Painless real-time monitoring

Track posts about your topics in real time and watch as the conversation unfolds across Twitter.

Designed for social media pros

Get report-ready analytics to help you improve your content, engagement, reach and impact.

More than 300,000 marketers worldwide rely on Union Metrics social analytics

“Social media demands that brands constantly evaluate how their content strategy is performing. Using the real-time data provided by Union Metrics, we can measure and improve the outcome of campaigns to increase their impact.”
Lora Schaeffer, VP of Social at Resource/Ammirati

Get more than analytics – get answers

Our system constantly monitors your social data for new trends and automatically generates insights based on the most important moments in your data.

  • Immediately identify insights that can shape your strategy
  • Learn when to post to drive more engagement
  • Pinpoint important spikes in impressions
  • Quickly decide what’s working and what isn’t

Save time with our report-ready Trackers

Our interactive Trackers are perfect for monitoring results in real time. Our beautiful reports are perfect for sharing with all your stakeholders.

  • Monitor any topics or profiles, even your competitors
  • Create Trackers for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Dive deep into your data with comprehensive reporting
  • Export your data to CSV or PDF at any time

Track any topics with full-text keyword search

Monitor all the hashtags, keywords and topics that are important to you. Measure how large and how active the conversation around any topic is.

  • Determine the reach and sentiment for any hashtag on Twitter or Instagram
  • Discover the hashtags that get your content in front of new audiences
  • Find influencers in any community

Measure engagement with your profiles

Learn about any account’s audience using our detailed profile reporting. Measure true engagement and follower growth over time.

  • Analyze the reach and actual impressions for your social profiles
  • Identify your biggest fans and influencers
  • Track trends in sentiment and engagement rates

Optimize your social content

Measure how your content is performing, and see which posts, hashtags and URLs are resonating the most across social media. Learn what is working and what isn’t to help create better content.

  • Never miss a post again with full-fidelity, real-time access
  • Get detailed post-level metrics on engagement and impressions
  • Learn how your content performs across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Get to know the industry’s most comprehensive social media analytics

For in-depth analysis of all your real-time social data, Union Metrics business plans provide social media analytics on reach, engagement, influencers, content and so much more. Built on full-fidelity data, Union Metrics gives you the flexibility to analyze all the topics important to you.

Whether you’re monitoring your brand’s ongoing presence or monitoring a campaign, we can help! Union Metrics subscriptions include 3 or more ongoing Trackers you can use for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, including data archive and export, and myriad useful reports. Our simple setup means you can be up and running in just minutes. No-contract plans start at $49 per month.

Use Union Metrics social analytics for:

  • Hashtag reporting
  • Profile analytics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Campaign and event monitoring

“Union Metrics has become the cornerstone of social listening we do for our clients. We tested many social tools before discovering Union Metrics to be the perfect combination of accurate data, attractive reports, and the right price point.”
Alec McNayr, McBeard Media

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