Quick insight with a free Twitter analytics report

Union Metrics TweetReach snapshot reports are perfect for quick analytics on recent Twitter activity around a hashtag, keyword or account. Free snapshots include up to 100 Tweets and $20 full snapshots include up to 1,500 Tweets, both from the past few days.

Quick analytics

In just seconds, snapshot reports analyze potential reach, impressions, conversation size and more

Contributors at a glance

See who’s been talking about any topic and who’s had the biggest impact on spreading the word

Free for 100 Tweets

TweetReach snapshot reports are free for the most recent 100 Tweets from the past few days

TweetReach snapshots are just the beginning

There’s so much more that Union Metrics can do for you. In addition to the TweetReach snapshots you love, we also offer deeper historical reporting and real-time monitoring for all of your Twitter analytics needs, as well as reporting for Instagram and Facebook.

Instantly access the full Twitter archive

If you need older Tweets or want to see what Twitter thought about anything in the past, you can instantly access the entire Twitter archive with Union Metrics Echo. Echo is our most powerful and flexible Twitter analytics option, and is available in the Union Metrics Social Suite.

Learn more about Union Metrics Echo here.

Get Twitter, Instagram and Facebook analytics with Union Metrics

At Union Metrics, we’ve been helping marketers around the world measure the social media activity that’s important to them since we launched TweetReach back in 2009. And now, our TweetReach Pro analytics are part of Union Metrics. Union Metrics business plans start at just $49 per month, and include analytics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Sign up today and see for yourself.

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“We love using Union Metrics to track our global campaigns. They give us in-depth insight into the impact of our messaging and enable us to improve engagement with key constituents.”
Anne Rosenthal, SocialGood

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