New! Our free snapshot reports now include twice the Tweets! Get up to 100 Tweets for free. Try it now.

Quick, simple Twitter analytics report

Perfect for quick analytics on recent Twitter activity around a hashtag, Tweet, keyword or account, Union Metrics TweetReach snapshot reports provide insight into metrics such as reach, exposure, top Tweets and contributors. Free snapshots include up to 100 Tweets and $20 full snapshots include up to 1,500 Tweets, both from the past few days (up to one week back in many cases).

Quick analytics

In just a few seconds, snapshot reports show you potential reach, impressions and Tweet volumes

Contributors at a glance

See who’s been talking about any topic and who’s spreading the word

Free for 100 Tweets

TweetReach snapshot reports are free for the most recent 100 Tweets from the past few days

Upgrade to a full snapshot and analyze up to 1,500 Tweets

If you run a free report for a topic with more than 100 Tweets, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to a full report for only $20. Full snapshot reports include all the same analytics as our free snapshots, but on up to 1,500 Tweets from the the last few days.

Snapshots are just the beginning

Snapshots are just the tip of the iceberg for what TweetReach by Union Metrics can do for you. We also offer other historical and real-time metrics to meet all of your Twitter analytics needs.

With a TweetReach Pro subscription, you get access to real-time Trackers that analyze topics and accounts on Twitter 24/7 while providing you with powerful reporting capabilities. Trackers include real-time monitoring, as well as an initial 30-day backfill with up to 5,000 Tweets. It’s great for ongoing campaigns, brand monitoring and crisis communication. Starts at just $99 per month.

And if you need to go further back than the past month or have more than 5,000 Tweets, take a look at our Union Metrics Echo. Included in the Union Metrics Social Suite, which starts at $525 per month.

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