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Detailed historical Twitter analytics

At Union Metrics, we can access any Tweets in the Twitter archive with our historical Twitter analytics! So if you’re interested in understanding the impact of old Tweets about a past campaign or project, we can help.

Union Metrics premium historical Twitter analytics are built on the full Twitter archive and can analyze any past Tweets that have ever been posted, dating back to March 2006. Search for anything that appears in a tweet – a hashtag, keyword, username or URL.

Pricing starts at $199 and is based on report duration and total Tweet volume. Request a quote below to get started.

If your tweets were posted in the last 30 days, then sign up for TweetReach Pro now. All Pro Trackers include a free 30-day backfill (up to 5,000 tweets) and ongoing real-time monitoring.

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“We love using Union Metrics to track our global campaigns. They give us in-depth insight into the impact of our messaging and enable us to improve engagement with key constituents.”
Anne Rosenthal, SocialGood

How will you make the most of the full historical Twitter archive?

For in-depth analysis of past Tweets, Union Metrics premium historical Twitter analytics include comprehensive metrics including summary reach, exposure and volume metrics, detailed information about Tweets and contributors, hashtags, URLs and much more. Full-fidelity access to the complete Twitter archive gives you the flexibility to analyze any public past tweets.

Whether the tweets you’re interested in analyzing were posted last month or last year, we can help! Just let us know what search terms and dates you’re interested in using the quote button below, and we’ll send over a quote. Our historical analytics start at $199.

Use historical Twitter analytics for:

  • Research on past events
  • Year-on-year comparisons
  • Crisis communications
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Last-minute client requests

Want to learn more?

If your tweets were posted more than 30 days ago, start by requesting a quote, and we’ll be in touch shortly with pricing. If your tweets were posted in the past month, sign up for TweetReach Pro by Union Metrics and get your historical data in minutes. If you’d like more information about any of our Twitter analytics options at Union Metrics, let us know.

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